Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve

Today one of the greatest concerns of the humankind is our role in the constant and accelerated transformation of the planet. In response to this issue, UNESCO initiated in the 1970’s a worldwide program oriented toward avoiding and/or detaining ecosystem destruction. Many countries have subscribed to the Project on established ecological conservation areas, referred to as biosphere reserves. The principle upon which these reserves are based on is the conservation and rational use of existing natural resources.


The term biosphere refers to the habitat of all living beings regardless of whether they dwell upon the ground or lithosphere, in the water (or hydrosphere) or in the atmosphere.


Among the various types of protected zones in Quintana Roo, Sian Ka´an is the vastest, with 656000 hectares containing a wealth of tropical salt marshes, mangrove swamps, cenotes (natural Wells), petenes (hard Wood hammock) and barrier reefs. Sian Ka'an, which translates from the Yucatan Mayan language to “where the sky is born”, was decreed as a biosphere reserve in 1986 and a year later was decelerate as patrimony of humanity or world heritage site by the UNESCO.


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Sian Ka'an is located in Mexico, in the state of Quintana Roo, in the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula, near the town of Tulum.


Is easy to reach if you come from Cancun, take Highway 307 to Chetumal, will spend Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum, Tulum leaving on the same highway 307, you will continue about 20 minutes and you'll come to the Muyil archaeological site.


Muyil is part of the vast Sianka'an Biosphere and is also the starting point for some of our Eco-Tours.


The archaeological site of Muyil is the beginning to get into the EcoTour "Mayan treasures" and "Mayan Bird Watching"


For EcoTours "Float with Mayan Stories", "Sunset Relaxing Float" or "Kayaking Expedition", the starting point is the Muyil Lagoon. To reach the lake, you must pass on the road Muyil Archaeological Zone, 100 meters ahead on the left you will see a road, turn around, follow the road and at the end it really Muyil Lagoon.


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